The Gastric Sleeve Procedure

The gastric sleeve procedure also known as the sleeve gastrectomy is one of the fastest growing major bariatric surgery procedure available today. The gastric sleeve has become very popular with patients and surgeons alike because of its straightforwardness and simplicity. While it is still major surgery, it only requires the removal of about 70-80% of the stomach. The restriction that this procedure provides means that patients will feel fuller sooner and will not be able to eat as much as they once could. Once the food has been processed by the new, smaller stomach pouch, it is digested in much the same way as it was beforehand, as there is no rerouting of the small intestine. Also, no medical device is implanted in the abdomen.

A secondary, but very important, benefit to the gastric sleeve is the potential for the reduction of hunger pangs after surgery. This is because the fundus of the stomach is removed during the procedure. The fundus is the primary producer of the hunger hormone called Ghrelin and by removing it, hunger pangs may be reduced significantly. This can do wonders for the post-bariatric surgery weight loss routine. Other bariatric procedures do not offer this benefit to the same degree.

As part of our dedication to the newest and most effective weight loss procedures available today, we have launched a dedicated gastric sleeve website intended to help patients learn more about the ins and outs of the procedure. It can also be useful in helping them decide whether the gastric sleeve is the right option for them. You can visit our new website at We have also lowered our price on the gastric sleeve procedure for self-pay patients.