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Support after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a lifelong commitment to improved health and weight loss. As such, the support system you create after your bariatric procedure is a key component in your long-term weight loss success. Support comes in many forms, all of which are important. Remember, that while losing much of your excess weight and changing your lifestyle is difficult, your support system can make it that much easier.

Weight Loss Surgery Support Group

Support groups are a key part of your life after surgery. Regularly attending support groups starting shortly after surgery exposes you to a great deal of advice from other patients who have undergone the very same challenges that you are experiencing. Further, you will be able to bounce ideas and recipes off a crowd that is both receptive and knowledgeable on the topic. Support groups also offer an opportunity for you to meet new friends and expand your social circles. Join us on our private Facebook Group here.

Family Support

Family and friends are also an important part of your support system. Those closest to you can play a critical role in helping your progress. The key to unlocking the benefits that friends and family can offer is by promoting education and understanding on their part. Those around you who are fully informed about bariatric surgery and the lifestyle changes that you will undergo are in the best position to help. Speaking to those who will be a part of your weight loss journey, both before and after the procedure, can help you navigate the changes after surgery.

Your Care Team

Our practice will be with you every step of the way and our job does not end when the procedure does. Rather, we are committed to your long-term success. We have the tools and resources to help you through life after surgery and each and every member of our team is focused on your goals. Remember to lean on us in times of need. We are here to help and you can always contact us.

Self Care

Remember, proper support requires internal strength too. As a bariatric surgery patient you have to set your goals and expectations in such a way that they are attainable and motivate you to push further. That said, don’t underestimate the power of external motivators. Use those around you to help ensure the very best outcomes after your procedure.


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