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COVID-19 and Obesity

April 14, 2020

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention   suggests that older patients, immune compromised, and obese patients are at greater risk for severe illness with coronavirus. Specifically, they cite a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40 as a risk factor. Data from China also suggests that higher weight is a risk factor for more severe disease with COVID-19. Compared to normal weight people, overweight and obese people had a much higher risk of developing severe pneumonia. Obesity, especially in men, significantly increases the risk of developing severe pneumonia. In Louisiana, some 97% of those killed by COVID-19 had a pre-existing condition, according to the state health department. Diabetes was seen in 40% of the deaths, obesity in 25%, chronic kidney disease in 23% and cardiac problems in 21%. Continue reading

COVID-19 and Bariatric Surgery – Part II

April 6, 2020

There is a wealth of information on the internet about the novel coronavirus. Instead of rehashing it, I would like to look at this situation from two other perspectives.


Weight loss matters. We know that COVID-19 infections are worse when patient have underlying medical problems and are immune suppressed. For example, those with emphysema and asthma do worse with COVID 19 infection. Those who are immune suppressed may be more likely to die. Obesity makes all medical problems worse. If a patient has emphysema, it’s worse because of the obesity…the extra weight makes it more difficult to breathe. It’s not rocket science! Imagine lying in bed trying to breathe with a 50 pound weight on your chest! I have had multiple patients tell me that their respiratory problems improved after bariatric surgery.

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COVID-19 and Bariatric Surgery

March 30, 2020

There is an abundance of information on the web about COVID-19. Each day, there is new news. Multiple updates are available about the global cases, deaths, and recoveries. I’ve found the Johns Hopkins website to be helpful when looking at the statistics. In China, the majority of cases now fall into the “recovered” group, not the “active” group. In the US, almost all cases are active and few are recovered.

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