Anemia After Bariatric Surgery

August 20, 2019

Anemia is a blood disorder in which patients either do not have enough hemoglobin in their red blood cells or do not have enough red blood cells. Since red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, a lack of oxygen due to anemia can cause symptoms ranging from mild to severe. There are a number of causes for anemia, some of which stem from the effects of bariatric surgery.

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Getting Back on Track after “Failure”

August 6, 2019

The days, weeks and months after bariatric surgery are very exciting times, to be sure. As the pounds melt off and the number on the scale decreases, most patients maintain a very high level of motivation, keeping their weight on a downward trajectory. However, the truly successful bariatric patient is the one who has mastered the art of getting back on track after a misstep.

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Body Image After Weight Loss Surgery

July 30, 2019

Several people have commented about body image when we were talking about sex. Some women stated they didn’t like to undress in front of the spouse. As most of you know, patients may develop loose skin and the breasts may “deflate” after surgery.

I will encourage each of you to love yourself as you are…regardless. Whether you’re overweight or underweight, tight overweight skin or loose skin, young or old. Learn to love yourself for your mental and emotional health. You say “how do we do that?”…the answer is simple. You must practice it. Consciously tell yourself the positive things. Work on repeating the positive things about yourself but be realistic. Ask the trustworthy people in your life for feedback too.

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Avoiding Weight Regain

July 17, 2019

Weight regain is a common concern for bariatric patients. For most, their struggles with weight have been life long. Countless diets, programs and pills that all lead to gaining all your lost weight back, and more. Statistically, bariatric surgery is very different from the pattern most dieters are used to. ASMBS, a leading bariatric medical society, has reported that roughly 50% of weight loss surgery patients will regain a small amount of weight in the years following their surgery. This small amount falls around 5-10% of excess weight being regained. When looking at the bigger picture, even 10% regain when over 100 pounds have been lost, is by no means a failure. But seeing the number on the scale move up can be anxiety inducing.

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The Problem With Pride

July 15, 2019

I am firmly convinced that one of the biggest obstacles to successful weight loss is PRIDE. Pride keeps people from asking for help even when they are drowning. Pride keeps people from being helped even when help is offered. It is an attitude of the heart that says “I can do it on my own” and “I know better how to deal with this”. I have been as guilty of this as anyone.

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The Importance of Lifestyle Changes

July 5, 2019

You will hear it said time after time, bariatric surgery is only a tool. While many believe it is, or wish it were, a quick fix, success with weight loss surgery is highly dependent on committing to important lifestyle changes. The mechanisms of surgery create restriction and in some cases change the digestive tract to limit absorption of calories. This still means that, following surgery, a bariatric patient can sustain themselves on “cheat” foods. Of course, the long term result is that improved health and weight loss success isn’t likely. So what lifestyle changes are important for bariatric patients?

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Snacking After Bariatric Surgery

June 28, 2019

As you undoubtedly know from your research about bariatric surgery, the postoperative lifestyle is very different from the eating and exercise habits you had before. And while it may seem like a diet – and it is in the early parts of recovery – the long-term maintenance diet is actually very similar to what we would consider a healthy, normal diet for anyone, bariatric surgery or not. But before we get into the details of how and when to snack, let’s discuss the idea of snacking and how we may have been looking at it all wrong, probably for our entire lives.

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Addressing Anxiety Before Bariatric Surgery

June 14, 2019

Anxiety before any surgical procedure is perfectly normal. There are many unknowns and that can be scary. Bariatric patients may feel even more anxious because the results do not become apparent on the day of surgery – they have months and years of weight loss to pursue and maintain. Patients are often concerned about the safety of the procedure and potential complications after surgery. Of course, they may also worry about the long-term results. While all of these concerns are justified, they are also very manageable and the team here at Advanced Bariatric and Surgical Specialists makes it our goal to ensure the smoothest surgical process for each of our patients. So, let’s jump in and see how to best manage the anxieties and fears we may have before surgery.

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What I’m learning about addiction lately…

June 13, 2017

Many of us have at least one addict in our family….food, alcohol, work, gambling, drugs…they’re all legitimate addictions. Addicts tend to blame others for their bad behaviors. They tend to justify their actions even though they may be wrong morally and legally. Many addicts bend the truth or flat-out lie to cover their actions. This is just what addicts do. If you refuse to allow the addict to continue the bad behavior, they may call you a bully or intolerant. They may play the victim card…for example…”I can’t believe my parents made me move out after doing a little cocaine (again).”

It’s really easy to see these behaviors in our family members. The bigger question is can you see any of these behaviors in yourself? Can I see any of these behaviors in myself? We often see others as “toxic”. But can I see that I’m toxic sometimes? PS…if you don’t think you’re the toxic person at all…you’re probably the toxic person most of the time.

If I’m really honest with myself, I realize that I have lots of negative traits and actions that are offensive to other people and my Creator. The question then becomes…will I own the things I’ve done wrong? Will I release my pride and allow others to help me do better the next time?

~ Dr. Chang


Courage…One reason why bariatric surgery isn’t “taking the easy way”

December 14, 2016

It takes a great deal of courage and humility to ask for help with your weight.  Weight is very personal and patients must “swallow their pride” and admit that their way of managing isn’t working.  Oftentimes, patients have tried for years to manage their weight and have failed more often than they have succeeded.  If they were successful, they wouldn’t be asking for anyone else’s help!

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