How NOT to Lose Weight – By Dr. Craig Chang

Dr. Chang is a straight shooter and wants anyone considering bariatric surgery to know the truth about the process. Having performed thousands of weight loss procedures, he has an outlook on losing weight that may be jarring for some and refreshingly honest for others. Let’s get right to it…how not to lose weight:

  1. Take advice from those who can’t manage their weight. Why would you think they can manage your weight if they can’t control theirs?
  2. Thinking a pill or surgery will substitute for the hard work of exercise and diet modification.
  3. Accept information at face value…every diet, shot, and surgery can have side effects and complications. Do your research to understand these issues. Surgery can have life-threatening complications…I’m okay talking about complications and death related to bariatric surgery. I want people to understand the risks and the benefits.
  4. Be undisciplined and lazy.
  5. Fail to be accountable.
  6. Fail to plan your meals and exercise. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  7. Avoid the mental and emotional aspects…90% of obesity is “in the head.” We have terrific counselors in the area. Cheryl Green is even on the support group! Talk to a counselor and deal with your compulsions/addictions/hang-ups. You’ll be better for it.
  8. Be casual about this…if you don’t pursue it hard, you probably won’t get it. If you “tiptoe” in weight loss, your long-term results will be poor. Be passionate and aggressive about losing weight. Don’t settle for “good enough.”
  9. Make excuses for everything…” I can’t afford a gym membership,” “I can’t exercise because of my knees,” “I can’t lose weight because of my menopause/male-pause/low T.” Excuses get you nowhere. Stop making them. When you make them, don’t get mad at me for calling you out (PS… I make excuses sometimes, too, and I need people to call me on them).
  10. Go at it alone…we all need support and encouragement. We need people around us to push us, help us stay on track, call us on our excuses, and pick us up when we’re down. If your family doesn’t support you, you will need support elsewhere.
  11. View me as your enemy…I will be your strongest ally and supporter. You will give up on me long before I ever give up on you. I know I can be a better coach and counselor. I know I can be super aggressive about your weight loss…I want you to be super aggressive about it, too. Hopefully, you’ll understand I have your best interests at heart.

There’s a Proverb… “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”…the grinding of iron against iron generates friction, heat, and some sparks. It’s not always easy or smooth. But the result is a sharper you…a sharper me.