Sticking to the Diet Plan After Weight Loss Surgery

Some argue having weight loss surgery is the “easy way out”, but those who have had surgery know it is just the beginning of a lifelong journey.

Sticking to the plan begins well before surgery day. It starts with changing your mind set on food. Food can no longer be used for comfort. Use food to fuel your body! Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients your body needs. Have at least one at each meal. Keep protein a part of your meals. Your body NEEDS it!

Sticking to a plan, means being prepared, plan ahead. The thought of meal prepping can be overwhelming. Do not let it be. Prep how far in advance works for you. Some prepare the night before; some prepare a week in advance. There is not a right or wrong way. Having your meals ready each day, helps prevent quick unhealthy choices. (Not to mention, saves money) It also helps you not skip meals. Skipping meals can send your body into starvation mode. When you skip meals, you are more likely to snack. DO NOT snack! The number one reason weight loss surgery patients do not lose enough weight or regain weight is snacking!

Our Medical Weight Loss Program

Our medical weight loss (MWL) program is designed for those who prefer a non-surgical option for weight control. This program is not a quick route to weight loss, but instead focuses on making smart choices, recognizing individual eating habits, and making changes to maintain a healthy weight. Your healthy weight loss is supervised within a safe, effective, physician directed plan. Here at Advanced Bariatric and Surgical Specialists (ABSS), you will work with licensed healthcare professionals, such as a bariatric surgeon, nurse practitioner, registered dietitian, and/or a psychologist. This is a time tested plan that we have used with bariatric patients with tremendous success. We work together with you to achieve your best results, whether you want to lose 15 pounds or more than 100, we are here to help you!

At ABSS our weight-loss program is a one year commitment. Your initial consultation will include, but not limited to, a review of basic principles of proper eating and exercise with our our nurse practitioner.

Most important, if you get off track (we all do from time to time), get back on! Contact your surgeon’s office, schedule a follow up, to help you get back on track.

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