Emotional Eating and What You Need to Do To Succeed

If you think about it, many people are overweight because they don’t stick with proper diet plans and self-sabotage with food. They may also be kinda resistant to teaching and accountability. They think…”I can fix this on my own”. As you know, very few people actually lose more than 50 lbs. on their own then keep it off…the studies support this. Numerous studies show that massive weight loss rarely occurs with any diet plan (even keto!).

Oftentimes, patients have these entrenched habits which are difficult to break. They may be stress eaters or emotional eaters. They sometimes learn these behaviors in their childhood. They were given sweets to reward them or food to soothe them and this pattern stuck. Why are some foods described as “comfort food”?

I’m encouraging you to work on breaking this pattern of failure. Emotional eating and stress eating are BAD!!! They lead to self-sabotage and self-soothing. It is possible to unlearn these behaviors. The first step is to understand that success is possible. This sounds really simply but you have to understand that you can succeed in this area even if you’ve failed with it all your life. If you don’t think you can beat it, you’re already destined to fail.

Second step…let go of control. YOU are doing a crappy job of dealing with it on your own. Let others help you with it. Let the counselors and/or I help you. We care about you and want the best for you. Ironically, you must let go of control to get control of this problem.

Steps 3-5…you need:

3. A plan
4. A real commitment to the plan and
5. Daily execution of the plan.

It sounds very simple…IT IS!!! In my experience, if any one of these steps is missing the likelihood of success is low.

Success is possible.

By: Dr. Craig Chang

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