What I’m learning about addiction lately…

Many of us have at least one addict in our family….food, alcohol, work, gambling, drugs…they’re all legitimate addictions. Addicts tend to blame others for their bad behaviors. They tend to justify their actions even though they may be wrong morally and legally. Many addicts bend the truth or flat-out lie to cover their actions. This is just what addicts do. If you refuse to allow the addict to continue the bad behavior, they may call you a bully or intolerant. They may play the victim card…for example…”I can’t believe my parents made me move out after doing a little cocaine (again).”

It’s really easy to see these behaviors in our family members. The bigger question is can you see any of these behaviors in yourself? Can I see any of these behaviors in myself? We often see others as “toxic”. But can I see that I’m toxic sometimes? PS…if you don’t think you’re the toxic person at all…you’re probably the toxic person most of the time.

If I’m really honest with myself, I realize that I have lots of negative traits and actions that are offensive to other people and my Creator. The question then becomes…will I own the things I’ve done wrong? Will I release my pride and allow others to help me do better the next time?

~ Dr. Chang