This Month’s Thought

Here’s what I am learning this morning…Pride can be very destructive for me (or anyone).

For those of you who subscribe to other belief systems other than Christianity, just try to take the message…

Naaman (2 Kings 5: 1-15) was a man of influence who had leprosy (at that time, it was considered an incurable disease). His pride initially kept him from following very simple instructions to be healed. Fortunately, he listened to the people around him who cared for him (relinquishing his pride) and he was healed.

How often do I get caught up in my status, power, work, influence? That’s a question I need to keep asking myself to avoid the isolation that pride brings. Am I resistant the counsel of trusted people who have greater insight into my life? Am I really willing to admit my powerlessness over life and let other help me?

I think the antidote is a recognition of pride tendencies and adopting a humble spirit.  Admitting I am flawed and I need others to help me stay on track…this helps me keep my attitude in check.

~ Dr. Chang