New year resolutions

We all have made them. Most of us make our resolution and we might even put some thought into it. However, the vast majority of us don’t really follow through very well. Why is that? It’s human nature. We’re busy. Life is hectic. We have lots of other things that interfere with our new, improved way of life. After a couple months, we’re often back to the status quo (old way). How do we fix this? The answers are really quite simple.

  • Have concrete resolutions…if my resolution is to be healthier in 2016, this is vague. Make a much more concrete resolution like “I’m going to the gym 3x per week”…this is my goal.
  • Write it out and give it to someone who will check up on you…nothing beats accountability when it comes to lifestyle change. It’s kinda tough to hear “you need to get your butt moving” from your accountability friend (or person). When two people are focused on the goal, you don’t bear all the weight and responsibility.
  • Be realistic. “I’m going have abdominoplasty, breast lift and thigh plasty in 2016”…maybe too much and unobtainable.
  • Schedule…put it on your calendar like it’s a really important appointment. If it really needs to be changed in your life, doesn’t it deserve some ongoing dedicated appointment times to work on it?