Getting Sufficient Protein in Your Diet

One of the most difficult dietary changes to make, post bariatric surgery, is getting enough protein. Protein is critical to healing during recovery after surgery. In fact you will be started on a protein supplemented liquid diet soon after you leave the hospital. Protein is also an essential part of weight loss and building muscle over the longer-term. In fact, consuming enough of protein and forgoing simple carbohydrates such as refined sugars can keep you fuller, longer and help you lose weight more easily.

Because of the restriction that bariatric procedures provide, it is often hard to get enough protein from your meals alone. Very few patients will be able to handle the volume of food needed to consume a nutritionally complete diet. Supplementation is therefore necessary – these supplements may include a multi-vitamin, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Iron and of course, protein.

One of the quickest ways to get the protein you need is through a protein shake, purpose made for your post-surgical diet. These shakes come in various flavors, making it a lot easier to consume sufficient protein. Further, several protein shakes are made specifically for bariatric surgery patients.

You can speak to us about your protein needs and we can direct you to our own vitamin shop and other online retailers that can help you with any nutritional deficiencies you may be experiencing.