The Importance of Friend and Family Buy-In

Friends and family members may not understand the responsibilities of a post-bariatric surgery patient and it is often up to you to get them to participate positively in your lifestyle changes. In fact, friends and family can be some of the most important assets in achieving your weight loss goals. Unfortunately, patients do not understand the value of having a solid support system around them and may isolate themselves when they get push-back.

The first step to getting buy-in from friends and family is to help them understand your motivations for having bariatric surgery and your responsibilities after surgery. This can be achieved in a few ways. The first and easiest method is a simple, but serious conversation laying out the details of surgery and what comes next for you and those around you. This may also be the time to explain how you wish your personal interactions to change. This conversation can be a difficult one, but it also sets the stage for healthier relationships that can change along with your weight loss.

Should a friend or family member not understand your choices and goals, taking them with you to a support group can be a good idea. Support group meetings are jam packed with stories, ideas and advice that really puts bariatric surgery and the weight loss struggle in perspective. This can be transformative for someone who has not undergone a weight loss procedure.

There are many ways to get your family and friends to buy-into your goals and dreams of a life free from obesity. The bottom line is that you should never overlook those closest to you as they can often help you the most when you need support in your weight loss journey.