The Importance of Follow-Up Visits after Bariatric Surgery

Every bariatric surgery procedure will require some degree of follow-up. The amount of aftercare necessary will largely depend on the procedure – for example a gastric banding patient will need to follow up more frequently than gastric bypass or gastric sleeve patients, especially in the first year or so after surgery. This is because the band will be adjusted several times before ideal restriction is found.

Follow-up appointments will usually be scheduled a few weeks apart for the first few months after surgery and then every year thereafter. The purpose of the follow-up appointments is very important. First, we will perform routine blood work and diagnostic testing to make sure that you are receiving the proper amount of nutrition. Second, we will monitor your rate of and total weight loss to ensure that it is both safe and sustainable. During these consultations we may find that it is necessary to adjust your dietary plan or exercise regimen in order to ensure optimal weight loss. Of course, these appointments will be interspersed with regular support groups at which you may, if you wish, bring up any hurdles or difficulties that you may be having with your post bariatric surgery lifestyle changes. Between support groups and follow-up appointments, we expect that any questions or concerns you have will be answered fully.

If you have any questions about follow-up appointments after your surgical procedure, we ask that you call our office and we will be more than happy to answer them.