Top 5 Foods and Drink No-No’s After Surgery

Weight loss surgery is not a silver bullet or a free pass. After bariatric surgery you will need to make significant diet modifications which, at first, may be very difficult. Consuming the wrong foods and drinks can cause serious discomfort and even complications that could require additional surgery. To help avoid these situations, follow your dietician’s and surgeon’s guidelines. A few helpful tips are below:


1. No Carbonation.

No matter what procedure you have undergone, carbonation can cause all sorts of problems. First, it can irritate the stomach pouch, causing discomfort. It can also stretch the stomach pouch which can lead to major complications. Opt for non-carbonated beverages after surgery.

2. Avoid high fat and high sugar foods.

These foods will limit the amount of weight you will lose and generally offer very little in the way of nutritional value. Opt instead for nutrient rich foods like vegetables and lean proteins.

3. Don’t drink with a meal.

This may cause severe discomfort, nausea and even vomiting. It is advised that you drink water between meals and up to about 45 minutes before eating. After eating, wait about 45 minutes to resume drinking.

4. Avoid snacking.

Your surgery will limit how much you eat at a meal but it will NOT stop you from snacking.  Most patients who have regained their weight are snacking.

5. Stay in contact with your surgeon and/or dietician.

They will help you to stay on track and monitor your weight.  Many patients tend to slowly “drift” back into their old habits.  Your follow up appointments are a valuable tool to keep you from drifting back to bad habits.


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