Top 5 Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Millions of people have undergone bariatric surgery with great success. In fact, in most cases, the risks of doing nothing about morbid obesity are far greater that the risks of surgery. With modern, minimally-invasive techniques, bariatric surgery has never been safer. Some of the key benefits of weight loss surgery follow:


1. Decrease in Co-morbid Conditions

The resolution or improvement of major obesity-related diseases, including type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and sleep apnea to name a few.

2. Losing weight

Weight loss is the most obvious outward benefit of surgery. Many patients have run into acquaintances and even family who no longer recognize them. Dramatic changes in weight often translate into dramatic changes in attitude and outlook.

3. Increased confidence

Some of our patients will go on their first date, see family they haven’t seen in years or finally go to a school reunion they’d been avoiding. Confidence goes beyond how you look. It’s knowing that you have worked toward your health goals and can conquer life’s other challenges.

4. Reduced cost of care

Individual costs associated with obesity are extremely high. Bariatric surgery can increase work productivity while decreasing time spent at the doctor’s office. In addition, cost of medication is reduced, if not eliminated.

5. A better life!

This has been scientifically studied.  The studies show that patients who have bariatric surgery have a better quality of life.  They can do simple things like tie their shoes and sit in the booths at restaurants with ease.  Losing the weight allows patients to walk, breathe, and move with less effort.


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