Our Dedicated Surgical Staff

Iliana Clauson – Office Manageriliana

“On behalf of the office staff of Dr. Chang, I would like to welcome you! I work behind the scenes to ensure each patient is taken care of adequately. Our goal is that each of our patients are satisfied with their care while visiting our office. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call! Thank you for your interest in our services.”

My e mail is… iclauson@absspecialists.com

Lisa Baker – Certified Nurse Practitioner

I am here for you.  I hope to help you improve your quality of life…you may need surgery, you may not.  I will explain all your options. My hope is to help you make informed decisions about your healthcare.

I joined Dr. Chang about 2 years ago and it’s been the best part of my professional career…almost the best part of my life (except for my family)!  I have learned so much from him.  Even after 2 years, I still think he walks on water!  I love that guy!!!

 My e mail is… lbaker@absspecialists.com


Virginia Lopez, Lori Jochen & Becky Vargas – Patient Liaisons


We are the gears behind the machine! From the time that you first request information, up until you go to surgery, we will be with you…we help prepare patients for surgery and their appointments.  We want you to know that you are not alone and we’re here to help.  We gather information such as: insurance benefits, weight history, diet and exercise notes, etc…. we want to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.

Our e mail address are… bvargas@absspecialists.com, ljochen@absspecialists.com, vlopez@absspecialists.com

Charity Bragg – Accounts Supervisorcharity

I oversee Billing and Collections of ABSS. I answer patients’ questions regarding billing on the physician’s side. I am also available throughout the weight loss surgery process to help you in your financing options, whether paying cash or using insurance. I can also assist with financial lenders.

My e mail is… cbragg@absspecialists.com


Joe Gracia – Medical and Research Assistant

Hi!  When you arrive at our office, I will obtain your vital signs and enter your information into the computer for your visit.  I hope to put you at ease with this process.  I know that doctors visits can be anxiety provoking.  I will take you to an exam room to allow you to rest (and let your blood pressure calm down).  I weigh patients and obtain their body fat readings…patients love seeing their weight and body fat readings go down!

My e mail is… jgracia@absspecialists.com


Yadira Camacho – Receptionist

I am responsible for greeting you with a smile as you walk into ABSS, making sure you feel comfortable in your visit with us. I am the first person you see as you check in and begin your journey to a happy and healthier life.

My e mail is… ycamacho@absspecialists.com


Dana Kuchler – Physician Liaison

Hello and welcome to our office!!

I am excited that you are exploring the possibility of “Taking Control Of Your Weight NOW”!!! As a Physician Liaison, I visit Doctors, Nurses, PA’s, NP’s and their staff, delivering the message that Weight Loss Surgery is the best answer for their Clinically Severe Obese Patient’s health issues.

Through educational materials, and clear communication between our offices, it is my desire to make your experience the best one possible! I look forward to joining you on your journey to HEALTHY LIVING!!!

My e mail is… dkuchler@absspecialists.com

Mark Holliday – Bariatric Liaison

As Dr. Chang’s Bariatric Liaison for the Corpus Christi area, I serve as a line of communication between Dr. Chang and the offices of local physicians.  Keeping Physicians informed of the latest research and information in the field of Bariatric Surgery is one of my most important duties.  This is a convenience for both offices and allows physicians to confidently refer and recommend patients to inquire about our services.  My goal is to continually provide material to local physicians and potential clients and make the referral process as seamless and efficient as possible.

My e-mail is… mholliday@absspecialists.com

Our office (and staff) have donated more than $70,000 per year
from 2014-2016 to worthwhile charitable organizations. We care about our community!